Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

History of Ethics

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Korsgaard, Christine Marion Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States
Ethics, Meta-Ethics, History of Ethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Action, Practical Reason, Animal Ethics [W] Ethics, History of Ethics, Practical Reason, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Action, Personal Identity, Animal Ethics
Welchman, Jennifer Professor University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta
Ethics, History of Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Pragmatism [W]
Yount, Lisa Associate Professor Savannah State University Savannah, GA
United States
Critical Theory, Existentialism, Feminist Philosophy, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Political Philosophy [W]
Hirji, Sukaina Assistant Professor Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA
United States
Ancient Greek and Roman, Ancient Philosophy, Aristotle, Ethics, History of Ethics, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Action [A] [W]
Catala, Amandine Associate Professor University of Quebec at Montreal Montreal, QC
Child, Family, Parenting, and Reproduction Ethics, Epistemology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Race, Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [W] Epistemic Injustice, Epistemic Agency, Cognitive Disability, Deliberative Democracy, Cultural Minorities, Migration, Stereotypes, Racism, Ignorance, Colonialism, Indigenous Issues, Self-Determination, Territorial Rights
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