Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

Practical Ethics

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Blumenthal-Barby, Jennifer Cullen Associate Professor Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX
United States
Bioethics, Moral Pyschology, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Practical Ethics [W] first generation college student the ethics of manipulation, nudging, autonomy, decision making, behavioral economics, ambivalence
Elder, Alexis Assistant Professor University of Minnesota Duluth Duluth, MN
United States
Practical Ethics [W] Friendship, Social Media Ethics, Robot Ethics
Chan, Benedict S. B. Assistant Professor Hong Kong Baptist University ,
Hong Kong
Applied Ethics, Asian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [A] [M]
Noorda, Hadassa Postdoc University of Amsterdam, NYU ,
United States
Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Practical Ethics [W]
Ivy, Thom ** Fallenstar Detroit, Michigan
United States
Applied Ethics, Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Metaphysics, Moral Pyschology, Practical Ethics [LGBTQ] [M]
Bustos Arellano, Aurora Georgina Graduate Student Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico City , Mexico City
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Kant, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Gender, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [L/H] [NC] [O] [W] Mexican Epistemic Injustice, Epistemology of Testimony, Testimony, Social Injustice, Rape Culture, Feminism, Gender Based Violence, Gender Based Discrimination, Activism, Applied Philosophy, Applied Epistemology
Carel, Havi Professor of Philosophy Havi Carel Bristol, Avon
United Kingdom
20th Cent. Continental Philosophy, Bioethics, Child, Family, Parenting, and Reproduction Ethics, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Disability, Practical Ethics, Psychoanalytic Theory [MENA] [D] [W] Philosophy of medicine
Catala, Amandine Associate Professor University of Quebec at Montreal Montreal, QC
Child, Family, Parenting, and Reproduction Ethics, Epistemology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Race, Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [W] Epistemic Injustice, Epistemic Agency, Cognitive Disability, Deliberative Democracy, Cultural Minorities, Migration, Stereotypes, Racism, Ignorance, Colonialism, Indigenous Issues, Self-Determination, Territorial Rights
Haenel, Hilkje Charlotte Assistent Professor Freie University Berlin Berlin,
Applied Ethics, Critical Theory, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, LGBT Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ] [NC] [W]
Nash, Erin Postdoctoral Researcher UNSW (Sydney) Sydney, New South Wales
Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics [LGBTQ] [W] Philosophy of Public Policy, Political Epistemology
Mai , Thanh Graduate Student ** Central European University Hasselt, Limburg
Practical Ethics [A] [W]
Podosky, Paul-Mikhail Catapang Graduate Student * University of Melbourne Melbourne, VIC
Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Race, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [A] [M] Conceptual Engineering, Social Philosophy of Language, Animal Ethics
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