Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

Social Philosophy

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Scherz, Antoinette Post-Doc University of Oslo Oslo, Norway
Political and Social Philosophy, International Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Political Legitimacy, Social and Global Justice, International Institutions [W] [NC] Legitimacy of International Institutions, Concept of Legitimacy, Political Autonomy, Concept of the People
Baka, Anna Irene Scientific Advisor Greek National Commission for Human Rights Athens,
20th Cent. Continental Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Roman, Ancient Philosophy, Aristotle, Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Logic, Metaphysics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Law, Psychoanalytic Theory, Social Philosophy [NC] [W] Confucianism; Daoism
Cebrero, Grace Graduate Student University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
United States
Environmental Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Neuroscience, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [D] [W] Philosophy of Neurolaw
Crosby, Joanna Associate Professor Morgan State University Baltimore, MD
United States
Social Philosophy [W] Ethics, Foucault, Confucius
Sanchez, Robert Assistant Professor Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
United States
Existentialism, Latin American Philosophy, Social Philosophy [L/H] [M] Mexican-American Mexican Philosophy
Scheid, Don E. Emeritus Professor Winona State University Winona, MN
United States
Social Philosophy [M] German heritage; US citizen. Ethical and Legal Aspects of War and Peace, Global Governance, Theories of Punishment in Philosophy of Law
Schweitzer, Katharine Assistant Professor University of Nevada, Reno Reno, NV
United States
Applied Ethics, Augustine, Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [W]
Sun, Angela Graduate Student ** University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
United States
Aesthetics, Epistemology, Ethics, Social Philosophy [A] [W]
Zurn, Perry Assistant Professor American University Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ] Curiosity Studies, Critical Prison Studies
Wright, Helene Independent Researcher Valparaiso University Valparaiso, Indiana
United States
African-American Philosophy, Bioethics, Critical Theory, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Social Philosophy [B]
Ani, Emmanuel Senior Lecturer University of Ghana Legon-Accra, Greater Accra
Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Religion, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [B] Deliberation and consensus
Chan, Benedict S. B. Assistant Professor Hong Kong Baptist University ,
Hong Kong
Applied Ethics, Asian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [A] [M]
Sullivan, Ian Visiting Assistant Professor College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina
United States
Asian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, LGBT Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ]
Fischer, Marilyn Professor Emerita of Philosophy University of Dayton Dayton, OH
United States
Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [W] Jane Addams
Montoya, Tiffany Doctoral Candidate * Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana
United States
Applied Ethics, Critical Theory, Ethics, Normative Ethics, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [L/H] [W]
Menge, Torsten Assistant Professor in Residence Northwestern University in Qatar Doha,
Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ] [M] [NC] Social ontology
Whisnant, Rebecca Professor and Chair University of Dayton Dayton, OH
United States
Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Moral Pyschology, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ] [W] pornography, prostitution, sexual violence/exploitation
Bombov, Todor * BG Customs Varna, Varna
Social Philosophy [NC] [M] Marxism
Andler, Matthew University of Virginia ,
United States
Feminist Philosophy, LGBT Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Gender, Social Philosophy [LGBTQ]
Dodds, Susan Professor of Philosophy & Dean of Arts & Social Sciences University of New South Wales Sydney, NSW
Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Feminist Philosophy, Moral Pyschology, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Technology, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [W] Vulnerability, Deliberative Democracy, Property Rights, Research Ethics, Emerging Technologies, Social and Political Aspects of Indigenous Recognition, Feminist Bioethics
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