Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

Pacific Islander [P]

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Birondo, Noell Associate Professor Wichita State University Wichita, Kansas
United States
Ancient Greek and Roman, Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Normative Ethics, Practical Reason [P] Virtue Ethics, History of Ethics, Metaethics, Ancient Greek Philosophy
Joachim, Zachary Graduate Student * Boston University Boston, Massachusetts
United States
19th & 20th Century Philosophy, Epistemology, European Philosophy, Existentialism, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind [A] [M] [MR] [P] Indian Filipino
McBride, Lee Associate Professor The College of Wooster Wooster, Ohio
United States
American Philosophy, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race [B] [L/H] [MR] [P] African-American American philosophy, African-American philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophy of Race, Insurrectionist Ethics, Environmental Ethics
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