Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

Indigenous/Native [I]

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Bruno-Nino, Teresa Graduate Student/Lecturer * Syracuse University/Penn State Syracuse, New York/State College
Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Moral Psychology, Normative Ethics, Practical Reason [I] [L/H] [LGBTQ] [NC] [W] Mexican Bisexual Well-being
Chow, Joel Graduate Student * University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona
United States
Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, African and Africana Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Arabic Philosophy, Asian (e.g. Chinese, Indian, etc.) Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Deci [A] [I] [M] [O] Chinese Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma Social and Political Philosophy
Fleming, Leonore Associate Professor Utica College Utica, New York
United States
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, History and Philosophy of Science [W] [I] Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Evolutionary Biology
Hernandez, Matthew Graduate Student * University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina
United States
Ethics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Race [L/H] Chicano [I] [A] Filipino first-generation college student
Lee, Hester Professor University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Chickasha, Oklahoma
United States
American Indian Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy [I]
Mora-Moreno, Emanuel Graduate and Professional Student ** Yale New Haven, Connecticut
United States
19th & 20th Century Philosophy, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, African American Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Roman, Applied Ethics, Bioethics/Medical Ethics, Comparative Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Decision, Game, and Rational Other Gender [B] [I] [L/H] [MR] [OR] [D] [LGBTQ] [NC] Transgender PanPlatonic African African-American Caribbean South American Basque Spinoza, Philosophy of Language (Semantics, Pragmatics), Seneca, Hume, Wittgenstein, Modality, Modal Logic/Metaphysics/Epistemology, Borges, Scotus, Kant, Rorty/Brandom, Plato/Aristotle/Leibniz/ Hegel
Mosley, Albert Professor Smith College Northampton, Massachusetts
United States
African American Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Logic and Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Science, Pragmatism, Social and Political Philosophy [M] [B] [I] African-American
Sullivan-Clarke, Andrea Assistant Professor University of Windsor Windsor, Ontario
American Indian Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Science [I] [W] Muscogee Nation of Oklahoma first generation college student Social Epistemology
Underwood, Lori Professor and Dean Christopher Newport University Newport News, Virginia
United States
Kant, Applied Ethics, Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Practical Reason, Social and Political Philosophy [I] [MR] [W] Cherokee Mixed race Caucasian and Cherokee First-Generation College Student
Wider, Kathleen Professor Emerita of Philosophy University of Michigan-Dearborn Dearborn, Michigan
United States
Continental Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, European Philosophy, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind [W] [I]
Waters, Anne Schulherr Associate Professor (Retired) State University of New York Press Albany, NY
United States
19th & 20th Century Philosophy, American Indian Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, Comparative Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Theory, Early Modern Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, E [W] [I] [D] [LGBTQ] Seminole Law, Social Political, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Value Theory
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